The JLP Pledge

I am a Labourite,

  • I believe in the Jamaica Labour Party which was founded by Sir Alexander Bustamante to bring social,cultural and economic development to benefit all Jamaicans.
  • I support my Party‚Äôs aims and objectives.
  • To foster the principles of true democracy.
  • To provide equal opportunities for all the people of Jamaica.
  • To develop the economic resources of Jamaica and to encourage Individual ownership and initiative, subject to Government regulation, where Necessary, for the common good.
  • To promote and protect the economic and social well-being of all, and to foster cooperation among the people regardless of colour, race or creed.
  • To instill in the hearts of the people reverence for God, and respect for lawful constituted authority.
  • To ensure and protect the constitutional fundamental human rights of each individual.
  • I pledge my support, my talents, my energies to work earnestly and creatively to help my Party to achieve these objectives.