The JLP Manifesto 2007

Message from the Leader

As a nation marking its 45th year of independence, our people have a right to expect to live in a peaceful and just society that offers them the opportunity to enjoy a good life. Many countries which were in circumstances similar to ours in 1962 have advanced to First World status. They have moved on. We could have done as well but we haven't. As a nation we have made too many mistakes and missed too many opportunities.We have much ground to make up.

We can make up that ground because, as we have demonstrated time and again, we are a tough, resilient people capable of greatness. But we need to make a fresh start finding a common purpose, sharing a new vision and going forward with new leadership. The Jamaica Labour Party offers that leadership to energize our people to strive with a new zeal to make Jamaica a land of JUSTICE, LIBERTY and PROSPERITY. We believe that we are too rich to be so poor, too gifted to be so restricted, too blessed to be so stressed and too anointed to be so disappointed. Yes, we can make it but we must be clear as to what our goals, are and the steps we must take to achieve them.

This Manifesto sets out our vision, where we want to go and the path we will take to get there. It is a roadmap that has at the centre of its concerns our people and their advancement. It represents our commitment to the Jamaican people and is reinforced by our 100 Day Covenant which sets out the specific initiatives we intend to take within the first 100 days to demonstrate the strength of our commitment.

I ask for your support and I urge you to vote on election day for the JLP candidate in your constituency. He or she is part of the team whose commitment is reflected in the plans we have laid out in this anifesto. And after the elections, I urge Jamaican's of all political persuasions to work with us for ours will be a government for all the people....finding a better way for a better Jamaica.