The JLP Local Government Manifesto 2012

The JLP Local Government Manifesto 2012

The JLP Choice

We have been listening, learning and improving. The JLP understands that a major part of restoring faith in politics means moving government closer to the people – empowering and trusting local communities. Strengthening the role of local councils and local communities is one of the ways to achieve this.

For too many years people have cried out for better representation from their elected representatives and for too many years there has been insufficient response. As elected local representatives for the people, Councillors are vested with the responsibility of providing critical local services to the people and their communities.

While some Councillors have not given their best to the role, many have been hampered by a lack of resources, autonomy and power. These are just some of the concerns that the process of Local Government Reform is seeking to address. It will accord to local representatives and local authorities greater resources and power, as well as offer capacity building and training, to enable them to execute their responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

We must avoid the short-sighted view that the reform process is not real or important - it is a strengthening and deepening of the democratic process and the laying of a firm foundation for good governance at all levels.

The Jamaica Labour Party is committed to Local Government and Local Government Reform.