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How We Select

The scholarship selection process is competitive and is undertaken by the Jamaica Labour Party Scholarship Selection Committee (the “Scholarship Selection Committee”). Selection is based on the applicants’ academic achievement, leadership potential, commitment to community and country, concern for others and exemplary character.

A shortlist of candidates will be invited for an interview with the Scholarship Selection Committee on the dates of August 20-21, 2023, or such other period as may be advised. The successful applicants are expected to attend any ceremony planned to announce scholarship awardees soon thereafter.

Without prejudice to the foregoing, the selection of awardees is at the sole discretion of the Scholarship Selection Committee


National Scholarship Awards may not be deferred. All National Scholarship awards must be taken up beginning in the 2023/24 academic year.

Not with standing the generality above, an awardee may, under limited circumstances, be granted a period of approved leave by the Scholarship Selection Committee, in its sole discretion.

Termination of Scholarships

Awards will be terminated:

    a.  if it is determined by the Scholarship Selection Committee that the awardee fails to fulfil an admission requirement or a condition on their continuing enrolment, or fails to maintain satisfactory academic performance for the duration of the National Scholarship;

    b.  if the awardee’s enrolment is terminated for any reason, or the awardee is found guilty of a serious case of academic or research misconduct, or the awardee fails to maintain his/her enrolment;

    c.  if the awardee relinquishes the Scholarship or withdraws from the course;

    d.  if the awardee changes the course of study to part time without the prior approval of the Scholarship Selection Committee;

    e.  if the awardee has provided false or misleading information;

    f.  if the awardee does not resume study at the end of a period of approved leave or has not obtained an extension of the period of leave;

    g.  if the awardee accepts another Scholarship to undertake his/her studies providing a benefit of more than 20% of the value of the Scholarship award;

    h.  if the awardee has been convicted of a serious criminal offence; or

    i.  if it is determined by the Committee that the awardee has committed an act of moral turpitude that materially adversely affects or could reasonably adversely affect the Jamaica Labour Party and or its Scholarship programme.

In circumstances where an award is terminated, the awardee WILL be required to repay in full, disbursed amounts or a portion thereof subject to the discretion of the scholarship committee.


If an applicant has been convicted of a criminal offence, the applicant is required to provide details of same, together with their application, to the Scholarship Selection Committee.

For the avoidance of doubt and without prejudice to any provision herein to the contrary, should any question arise

(i)  on a matter of interpretation of these rules or

(ii)  on a matter not expressly provided for in these rules, such question will be resolved by the Scholarship Selection Committee in its sole discretion.

Post-Scholarship Condition

Scholarship awardees are required to live in Jamaica for three (3) years after the conclusion of their degree unless pursuing post-graduate studies overseas. After which time the awardee is obligated to return to Jamaica to work locally for a minimum period of two (2) years.

Rules and Regulations during the Scholarship Period

  • Scholarship recipient is required to volunteer as a mentor in the HOPE Programme or any other established volunteer programme for a minimum of 200 hours per year. Hours must be logged and verified.
  • Scholarship recipient must be involved in co-curricular activities, proof of which must be submitted to the scholarship selection committee through verified attendance/participation record.
  • The scholarship award is not transferable to any other course of study outside of that which was awarded by the Scholarship Selection Committee. Transferring or changing faculty or course of study would be deemed a violation of the terms and conditions of the scholarship award. 
  • Scholarship recipient must matriculate each year; must not have failed or repeated a course.
Disbursement of Funds

The scholarship is awarded for the duration approved by the Jamaica Labour Party Scholarship Selection Committee provided the awardee meets the agreed performance criteria.

Funding will be disbursed at the beginning of the initial academic year, however funding for subsequent years will only be disbursed if the student meets the following conditions:

  • Attains a minimum 3.0 GPA at the end of the previous academic year.
  • Fulfils the matriculation requirement of the tertiary institutions to continue to subsequent academic years. 
  • Fulfils the extra-curricular requirements/conditions set out in the scholarship award agreement, and 
  • Fulfils all other requirements/conditions set out in the award agreement, including good personal conduct and behaviour and upholding the good name and reputation of the scholarship and tertiary institution. 

Payments will be made to cover the cost of other lodging where applicable, up to the limit of the scholarship. A rental agreement will need to be provided to facilitate disbursement of funds.

A once per year cash payment will be disbursed to cover the cost of books and other school materials where applicable and up to the limit of the scholarship.

A fixed monthly cash payment will be disbursed to cover miscellaneous expenses where applicable up to the scholarship limit.

Term of Award

Continued funding under the scholarships is contingent on the awardee maintaining a specified performance level, and meeting the matriculation requirements and rules of the tertiary institutions in which they are registered.

The awardee has a duty to inform the Scholarship Selection Committee in writing, supported by documentation from their registered institution, of their grades and compliance status with all matriculation requirements.

Promotional Use

The Scholarship Selection Committee and/or the Jamaica Labour Party may use the image and information of successful recipients during and after the period of study for the promotion of the scholarship and/or the Jamaica Labour Party.

Penalties/Sanctions for Breach of Scholarship Arrangement
  • Failure of student to maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA will result in the scholarship award being terminated.
  • Dropping out of, changing programmes or expulsion from the course of study for any reason other than verified illness will result in termination of the scholarship AND candidate WILL be required to repay in full, disbursed amounts or a portion thereof subject to the discretion of the Scholarship Selection Committee.
  • The awardee has a general duty to report to the Scholarship Selection Committee any matter which amounts to an infraction of the rules of the tertiary institutions in which they are registered, or any matter related to the awardee that brings the scholarship into disrepute or could potentially bring the scholarship into disrepute.
  • Failure to comply with the conditions of the scholarship will result in the forfeiture and withdrawal of the scholarship.