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The Jamaica Labour Party believes education is the greatest force for the positive transformation of our society. At the Party’s 75th anniversary conference in 2018, Party Leader, and Prime Minister, the Most Honourable Andrew Holness, announced plans to offer 5 national scholarships in the name of past Prime Ministers who have formed governments from the Jamaica Labour Party benches in Parliament. These scholarships were awarded in 2019.

Further to the 2018 announcement, by the Party Leader, the Jamaica Labour Party scholarship fund has been ongoing with four (4) scholarships being offered in 2020. The scholarships are merit based and are open to all Jamaicans who are accepted or continuing their studies at accredited local tertiary institutions as designated by the scholarship committee from time to time.

In 2021, six (6) national tertiary merit-based scholarships were offered and five (in 2022)

Scholarships 2019

1.  The Sir Alexander Bustamante: - Mathematics and/or Computer Science

2.  The Sir Donald Sangster: - Engineering

3.  The Most Hon. Hugh Shearer: - Engineering

4.  The Most Hon. Edward Seaga: - Economics

5.  The Hon. Bruce Golding: - Sciences

Scholarships 2020

1.  The Hon. Shahine Robinson Scholarship for Journalism/Communications

2.  The Hon. Ken Baugh Scholarship for Epidemiology/Public Health

3.  The Hon. Neville Gallimore Scholarship Mathematics/Economics

4.  The Hon. Dwight Nelson Scholarship for Teacher Education (Teachers ‘Colleges only)

Scholarships 2021

1.  The Honourable Ryan Peralto (Scholarship for Computer Science/Cyber Security)

2.  The Honourable Edwin Allen (Scholarship for Potential and Perseverance)

3.  Ambassador The Honourable Anthony Johnson (Scholarship for International Relations)

4.  The Honourable Jeanette Grant Woodham (Scholarship for the Creative Industries)

5.  The Honourable Douglas Vaz Scholarship for Economics

6.  The Hon. Dr. Mavis Gilmore Peterson Scholarship for Mathematics/Sciences (Postgraduate)

Scholarships 2022

1.  The Honourable Hector Wynter Scholarship for Spanish 

2.  The Honourable Professor Oswald Harding Scholarship for Law 

3.  The Honourable Robert Lightbourne Scholarship for Computer Science or AI and Grant, for Urban Planning 

4.  The Mr. Derrick Smith Scholarship for Criminology 

5.  The Mr. Christopher Bovell Scholarship for Data Science

The National Scholarships

The 2023 national scholarship cycle which coincides with the Jamaica Labour Party’s 80th Anniversary will see 8 National Scholarships named in honour of past and present Ministers of government, as well as members of the Party past and present, who have given sterling service.

In addition to this year’s full scholarships, each constituency will receive one (1) bursary each.

A further 8 bursaries will be offered to the two youth affiliates of the Jamaica Labour Party (4 each).

This year, a special category, The Prime Minister’s Award, has been announced.

Scholarships and bursaries will therefore total eighty (80), to mark 80 years of impacting Jamaica.

This year’s scholarships are as follows:

1.  The Mrs. Dorothy Carter Bradford Scholarship for Environment and Climate Change

2.  The Honourable Hugh Hart Scholarship for Biotechnology or Biochemistry

3.  The Honourable Gladys Bustamante Scholarship for the Creative Arts

4.  The Isaac Barrant Scholarship for Agriculture

5.  The Joseph McPherson Scholarship for Journalism

6.  The Seslyn Cross Scholarship for Social Work

7.  The DC Tavares Scholarship for Business and Finance

8.  The Frank Phipps Scholarship for History

The 2023 scholarships will each value up to J$500,000 per year for a maximum of three years and will be tenable at the University of the West Indies (“UWI”), the University of Technology (“UTECH”), the Northern Caribbean University (“NCU”), the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, the College of Agriculture, Science and Education, (CASE).

The National Scholarships will be applied first towards tuition fees, (inclusive of miscellaneous fees) then to learning materials and where applicable, boarding or lodging, and all other areas related to the academic pursuit, up to the limit of the scholarship award.

Not with standing the sums and the term mentioned above, the JLP Scholarship Committee reserves the right to award a lesser sum and/or a shorter period where the circumstances warrant.