Our Achievements
From 2020 to Current

The Good News Chart

March 2016 June 2023
Unemployment Rate 13.7% 6.6%
(latest available July 2022)
Poverty Prevalence Rate 21.2% 11.0%
(latest available July 2019)
Minimum Wage J$6,200 (US$51) per week J$13,000 (US$85.65) per week
Minimum NIS Pension J$1,400 (US$11.50) per week J$3,000 (US$19.77) per week
Past 12-Months Currency Movement Depreciation of 5.4% Depreciation of 1.8%
Net International Reserves US$2.3 billion US$4.2 billion
Debt to GDP 120% 78%
Debt Service to Budget As high as 60% 28%