Sectoral Presentation 2009/2010 by the Minister of Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett

Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 1, 2008 - 13:45


Mr. Speaker, permit me to begin my presentation this afternoon by expressing again my gratitude to the Honourable Prime Minister for his continuing confidence in me and for allowing me to serve my country in the capacity of Minister of Tourism.

I thank my Cabinet colleagues for their support. I especially thank those Ministries with which I collaborate on issues which have an impact on tourism. I thank you for your kind support and willingness to create synergies for the benefit of Jamaica, land we love.

I also thank the members of the tourism sector for your goodwill and for the confidence you have shown in me and my team. We affirm our commitment to live up to your expectations.

I commend my Permanent Secretary Mrs. Jennifer Griffith, Director General Ms. Carrole Guntley - who, as all of you have heard me say from time to time, directs me generally.

Let me acknowledge and thank the team of men and women who are leading the agencies. They are the Chairman of the Jamaica Tourist Board and Jamaica Vacations,Mr. John Lynch; the Chairman of the Tourism Enhancement Fund, Mr. Godfrey Dyer; the Chairman of the Tourism Product Development Company, Mr. Robert Russell; the Chairman of the Milk River Bath Hotel & Spa, Dr. Edward Wright; the Chairman of the Bath Corporation, Mr. Derrick Hamilton; the Chairman of the Devon House Development Company, the Hon. Mrs. Carla Seaga, and the Chairman of the River Rafting Authority, Dr. Carolyn Hayle.

The Executive Directors of our main agencies come in for high commendation in carrying out their duties:
They are - Mr. John Lynch, who I already mentioned as Chairman of the Jamaica Tourist Board, Mr. Earl Patrick, Executive Director of the Tourism Product Development Company, Mr. Ian Neita, Executive Director of the Tourism Enhancement Fund, and Mr. Lionel Reid, Executive Director of JAMVAC.

Mr. Speaker, the business of tourism is not a nine to five occupation.

The people who work for the Ministry of Tourism and all its agencies put in singularly long hours of work to make this sector successful. I take this opportunity to thank them for their dedication.

I pay tribute to the Opposition and express my appreciation for your continued collaboration. I value your support as we seek to grow this vital industry. I must also place on record the support of my immediate family: my wife Carmen, my son and my brothers, who have been my constant support.
Most notably, I thank my constituents, the people of East Central St. James, without whose support I would not have the honour of serving.

And above all, I thank God for giving me the resilience to think creatively and act with courage.