Minister with responsibility for Women's Affairs condemns violence against women and children

Release Date: 
Wednesday, October 1, 2008 - 13:00

As Minister with responsibility for women's affairs and gender issues I am appalled at the brazen brutality and increasing level of violence being committed in the country in general. The nature of the violence being committed against our women and children in particular is disturbing and cause for great alarm and concern.

Our women, children and families are no longer safe to carry out their regular activities as they are subject to violence on a daily basis. This violence takes many forms ranging from the physical, emotional, sexual and even death.

Women play an important role in nurturing and caring for children, men, the elderly, family members, friends and neighbours. When women and girls become victims of such atrocities, communities are affected which in turn affects the entire society, as everyone suffers.

In recent times several of our women and young girls have been brutally raped and or killed. This has caused a lot of grief and sorrow to individuals, families, schools, churches, communities and the society as a whole. Our hearts are grieving. Enough is enough!

Sexual violence is now rampant in every setting and as a government and civil society we must actively work together to root it out. The abuses that are taking place in the country - incest, carnal abuse, spousal abuse, rape, abduction and killing are becoming all too familiar. As a nation we cannot allow this to continue. We cannot be passive or powerless; we must all join in the fight to eliminate this scourge.

We cannot afford to reach the point where as a people we feel that crime and violence in all its forms are the lot of women, children and families. This is a violation of human rights and undermines the efforts made towards gender equality. Men and women should be equal partners in the fight against gender-based violence particularly against our women and children.

As a nation, I call upon us all to commit ourselves to take a concerted stand for the elimination of all forms of violence especially against our women and girls so that they can experience the dignity of personal security to which we all are rightfully entitled.

Let us speak out, break the silence and put a stop to this MONSTER called crime and violence.

Olivia Grange, M.P.