West Kingston Management Committee Investigates Repercussions of Trauma of Recent Violence

Release Date: 
Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 16:30

The Constituency Management Committee (CMC) of West Kingston wishes to unequivocally denounce any form of crime and violence undertaken by anyone against residents of the constituency. We have been taking note of the volatile actions and have been demonstrating our opposition via multiple mediums. We wish to say, like our Member of Parliament we remain resolute to do whatever we can to resist this scourge of inhumane behaviour and will be monitoring this situation and conducting our own investigations on the repercussions.

We therefore implore on residents to remain calm as the police carry out their investigations into the series of gruesome attacks on residents of the constituency.

We will add that defacing some of the most valuable artwork which is symbolic to our nationality is also an attack on us as a people. We also implore residents’ who may have, or wish to counter with opposing graffiti symbolizing solidarity to the Jamaica Labour Party to desist or refrain. 

Despite these unfortunate occurrences we continue to facilitate, in partnership with the Member of Parliament and the Benevolent Societies in our constituency, to design sustain and increase education programmes, in order to keep small and micro business's afloat whilst grappling with further safety and security concerns.

We thank the residents’ of the constituency for their support. This has made us resilient, and despite these harsh economic times we will prevail in implemening programmes focussed on improving their lives in the constituency.