Rise in Murders Worrying - Smith

Opposition Spokesperson on National Security Mr. Derrick Smith is alarmed at significant rise in murders for October, the highest in years and is calling of Minister Bunting to not squander the gains Jamaica has made.

According to Mr. Smith, “There could be more than 100 murders in October and that is the highest in several years. I don’t know if the minister is distracted but this needs serious attention”.

He added that, “There are some hot spots that need the attention of the government. East Kingston, which has recorded a 12 per cent increase in murders, must be dealt with and so too St Ann which has so far see an 15 per cent rise. We are also concerned that the police have not been able to prevent an 11 per cent increase in murders in Hanover and St Catherine North must turn the corner from its six per cent increase”.

According to the former Minister of National Security, “Regular strategies on crime fighting will not give us sustained reductions. What we are interested in is a holistic program to get the guns off the street, reduce access to firearms and ammunition as well as intervention programs in the communities. Unemployment is driving crime and the government must deal with this issue early. The recent polls showed that many youth are without hope for finding jobs and the government must fulfil its promise and enable job creation for these idle hands”