Opposition Will Provide Oversight to Government's Belated CHIK V and Ebola Efforts

Coming out of yesterday's meeting of Members of Parliament, Opposition Leader Andrew Holness says the Opposition remains committed to contributing to the government's late fight against Chik V and to prevent an outbreak of Ebola. 

He said: "As we continue to fight for the interests of the Jamaican people, we are pleased that the government has finally heeded our calls to take this epidemic seriously".  

The Opposition Leader added that Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr Ken Baugh, will provide oversight to the project and as such has accepted an invitation to sit on the management committee.  He explained, "in continuing our role in defending the interest of Jamaicans, Dr. Baugh will sit on the Management Committee contributing his expertise to the oversight of this effort. While we are there to observe, we will nonetheless be vigilant.  In this regard, we have already raised concerns about reports of politicization of allocations, and the amounts being allocated in certain constituencies"."

The Opposition Leader also registered the position that the current Minister of Health no longer has the credibility needed to manage the health sector.  He said: "It is because the Minister has failed why we had to convince the Prime Minister to get involved. The Prime Minister has confirmed by her actions that she has lost confidence in her Minister of Health, and with the Health Sector creaking under his management, we see no reason for his continuation in the role of Minister of this important sector."