Release Date: 
Saturday, March 22, 2014 - 14:15

The JLP Women Parliamentarians today condemned Mr. Ian Hayles’ treatment of the PNP Mayor for Lucea and his personal attack on her at a meeting in the constituency recently.

On behalf of the women parliamentarians, Ms. Olivia Grange said she was appalled and embarrassed by the Minister’s comments and felt that his statements were grossly inappropriate and indecent.  She said, “I don’t care about PNP internal politics and we certainly don't know what the situation is regarding the allegations made about Ms. Haughton's tenure as Mayor, but Mr. Hayles’ comments crossed the line.  We just recently celebrated International Women's Day and are debating a push for more women in the political arena.   We need to send a signal that persons with Mr. Hayles’s mindset have no place in representation and even moreso in government”.

Ms. Grange said the Prime Minister should take swift action as Mr. Hayles’ example should not be allowed to stand: “The PNP is led by a woman and women in politics need to stand up for each other and not allow such abuse to continue. The Prime Minister and Leader of the PNP is obligated to take a stand for her representative, and to set a clear example of the standard of behaviour she expects from her Ministers.”

The JLP women implored political representatives to exercise respect generally and not reduce their arguments to personal attacks.  "We are all together at the table as men and women who want to serve Jamaica.  Women politicians should not be disrespected because of their gender."

It is ironic that this is happening in March when the world is observing varying levels of support activity for women in the promotion of gender equity and improved involvement in political leadership. Even more striking is this incident taking place against the local theme of ‘Inspiring Change’.