Release Date: 
Monday, April 28, 2014 - 07:00

At the North Clarendon constituency conference on Sunday, Opposition Leader Andrew Holness encouraged young people to partner with him and the JLP to carve a new future for Jamaica. Speaking to a large crowd, at the Staceyville Primary School, two-thirds of whom were young people, Mr Holness said he was encouraged by the massive turnout and the spirit of involvement of the people present at the meeting.

Mr. Holness encouraged the crowd to take a stand and work alongside him to develop a growth path for Jamaica anchored on a knowledge-based economy. 

Mr. Holness said that when he served as Education Minister, his aim was to ensure that all Jamaican children get equipped to cope in the emerging global environment.  He said, “I wanted to ensure that all our children are able to Read Write Comprehend and Communicate. I want another chance to advance that aim; to take our students and make sure they are work- ready, skilled and able to go on to further education. We are going to launch a revolution in developing our people.  The JLP is going to start the Human Development Revolution in the country”

Mr. Holness emphasised the importance of education as he spoke of the potential of Causel Pinnock, North Clarendon’s likely election candidate, and his role as an educator.  He also noted that 66% of the population is under 39, so the focus on development must be on young people.  He said it was unfortunate that although Jamaica has had achievements, the country had not settled down to carve out a set of development plans which signal and facilitate opportunities for the development of the people.  He reminded the meeting that he, like many of them, had been living in tough times since his adolescence and that it was time to change this story.  He said the government must carve a space for people to plan a future not anchored on sweet mouth promises but solid plans.    

In closing, Mr Holness said to the meeting “You as the electorate must ask for candidates who can give you a sense of direction purpose and hope.  The Labour Party is the thinking party focussed on delivering solutions.” He told the meeting their hope lies with the JLP.