The Health Service is Collapsing - Baugh

Release Date: 
Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 11:00

Dr. Kenneth Baugh, the Opposition Spokesman on Health, today stated that the health sector is collapsing, as he noted with concern yet another episode of withdrawal of medical and surgical services, this time at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital.

Dr Baugh called on the Ministers of Health and Water along with hospital engineers and those of the National Water Commission to design a plan to effectively address the issue of water supply to these two major hospitals, and design a solution which guarantees a consistent and reliable supply of water to secure critical services.

He said: “The KPH/VJH complex suffers from long-standing weaknesses in water supplies, necessitating the daily trucking of water and pumping to roof storage tanks.  It is not surprising that drought conditions have unmasked these deficiencies, putting women in labour and patients awaiting surgery, at serious risk. “

He also said “I have already stated my concerns about the break-down of elevators, the absence of sterilization services, the intravenous fluid crisis and the near crisis in the general health sector when doctors and nurses withdrew their services because their deductions have not been paid over by the government.”

Dr.  Baugh said that he had already recently pointed to recurrent break-downs based on chronic deficiencies affecting the major institutions in the Health Service and. He said he attributed the failures to misplaced priorities resulting in the neglect of the most critical support services which are indispensible to the efficient functioning of a hospital.