"Government not Serious about Housing for Jamaicans" - Chang

Release Date: 
Friday, April 4, 2014 - 16:30

Opposition Spokesperson on Housing and Transport, Dr. Horace Chang, in commenting on the Governor General’s recent Throne Speech, stated that the Government’s announcement that through the NHT it only built 2700 units last year, and will only be building 2000 units this year, shows that the Government does not have the will or the management skill to provide enough housing for the hard working contributors of the NHT.

Dr Chang said “Jamaica needs 10,000 new housing starts every year and the NHT’s mandate is to provide housing to its contributors. The NHT is failing in its mandate as in many cases contributors cannot afford houses, and in others there are no houses available.

“If the Government was really serious about providing suitable houses for Jamaicans, then it would ensure that the NHT actually fulfils people’s needs and not just IMF requirements.”

He continued by stating “If this Government knew anything about development it would recognise that construction is the quickest way to bring economic growth. People want houses, the land is there and the private sector is willing to partner with the Government.  I am really alarmed that the government is not doing everything possible to foster public private partnerships in the housing sector - the corruption of the Dunbeholden project is a clear example of  its misplaced priorities.”

The Opposition Spokesperson on Housing and Transport added that the mismanagement and resignations at the HAJ and NHT, clearly show that this government does not care about implementing a credible plan for growth development and welfare of the Jamaican people.