Built by Labour, JLP Believes in Order & Discipline – Holness

Release Date: 
Tuesday, April 1, 2014 - 16:45

"When we are in power we run things with decency!" so confirmed JLP Leader, Andrew Holness, as he addressed the South East Clarendon constituency of Member of Parliament and Spokesperson on Health, Ruddy Spencer, at the Vere Technical High School recently.
Holness went on to detail for a packed auditorium the reasons why they should be proud of being Labourites. As he recalled the party's achievements, he emphasized  the areas of education and sport. The JLP leader went on to remind an active audience that their former MP, Hugh Shearer, had, through his support of Vere Tech, contributed to setting new standards in sports and education and significantly lifted the profile of the school and the Vere Plains.

Holness noted: ‘We believe in education. Whenever we have formed the government, we have focused on education and training programmes. The largest construction of schools ever in the history of Jamaica took place under JLP Minister of Education, Edwin Allen and JLP Prime Minister Hugh Shearer. So when we use the phrase 'Built by Labour,' first coined by Shearer while naming fifty schools from a platform in Falmouth, this type of commitment to full development is what we mean as a Government and Party."

Holness then went on to detail his own commitment as Minister of Education to a focus on improving literacy. As he explained, "I wanted to make sure that when your children left school, they could read, write, comprehend, communicate and compute." He observed that the current literacy rate still needs improvement and confirmed, ‘When we return to power, the days of people writing X on a document for their name will be done.” Modern Jamaica he stressed, "must focus on ensuring a significant shift in literacy and numeracy, particularly in light of the global movement towards creating knowledge-driven economies."