“Jamaica Labour Party Organizational Machinery Being Optimized” – Says Chang

Release Date: 
Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 14:00

Jamaica Labour Party General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang in a report to the Party's Central Executive last Sunday, indicated that the JLP is undertaking several streams of activity aimed at strengthening its internal structures, enhancing political organization across constituencies and building capacity amongst key Party functionaries and officials.
Among the key developments being overseen by the Party's Secretariat at this time are the selection of candidates, the incorporation of specialized software and other election management technology, as well as the revitalization and restructuring of key affiliate groups.

Dr. Chang said: "Interviews with, and discussions about candidates at both the local and constituency levels are ongoing.  We are mindful that whoever is installed now, will be the Party’s standard bearer going into the next elections."
In a bid to enhance its organization at the constituency level and establish improved mechanisms for the effective monitoring of enumeration, Dr. Chang said: "We have upgraded our electoral data management and voter data management systems.  Using contemporary technology will allow more accurate data management and communication, and will certainly better support and energize our party workers.”

The General Secretary in concluding his report to the Party's Central Executive indicated that efforts at restructuring key affiliate groups are far advanced. He said: "G2K is very active at the national level and we are examining how to integrate the team with more grass root activities.  Discussions have been concluded with Young Jamaica and a re-launch of the group is expected this month.  The National Patriotic Movement (NPM) will also be revitalized this month.  Discussions have been initiated to revitalize the two Women’s Movements so they can all be a part of holding the government to account for the high cost of living currently being experienced at all levels of society."