Economic Development Issues

February 12, 2016
The Jamaica Labour Party is this afternoon, though not surprised, expressing severe concern at news that the PNP is seeking to dodge the National Leadership Debates on spurious grounds. It is urging Jamaicans to demand that the PNP participate in the debates as they are critical to the political process.
The Jamaica Labour Party says that the PNP’s decision to pull out of the debate is probably not a spur of the...

Under the Leadership of Andrew Holness, JLP Team Prosperity will host its first Prosperity Live event at the Jamaica College's Karl Hendrickson Auditorium on Thursday June 11, 2015 at 6:30 pm.

Mr. Holness explained: "Prosperity Live will be an exchange of ideas, deepening our connection with the people of Jamaica, spreading the good policies and solutions offered by the Jamaica Labour Party, and listening to the ideas of people who want to share theirs".

Mr. Holness said Prosperity Live is aimed at connecting people to the policies of the JLP and broadening the body of ideas...

Former Education Minister Andrew Holness yesterday lambasted the government for lack of vision and a failure to articulate a coherent economic development policy.  Addressing delegates of the JLP’s Area Council 3 in Central Manchester, Mr. Holness spoke about the link between a country’s education policy and the implementation of an economic development policy. He stated that ‘the quality of the education a child receives, will impact the quality of human resource input in the economy’.

 The JLP Leader went on to note that this is why a key education policy driver of a JLP...