Wheatley Calls for Audit of Spectrum Management Authority

Release Date: 
Monday, April 20, 2015 - 15:45

Opposition Spokesperson on Science, ICT and Digital Economy Development, Dr. Andrew Wheatley in his sectoral presentation, expressed concern about the operations of the Spectrum Management Authority (SMA). He pointed out that the SMA is responsible for managing the national radio spectrum, one of the country’s valuable assets which allows for over air the communications services used by broadcasters, telecommunications operators and security companies  to name a few.

Dr. Wheatley said: “It is my understanding that the SMA has been operating for over three years without an officially appointed Managing Director. Instead the regulator has been operating with an acting Managing Director.”

Dr. Wheatley noted: “For any regulator, especially one charged with managing such an important national resource, to be operating this way is unacceptable and I dare say is in breach of Public Bodies Managment and Accountablity (PBMA) governance guidelines.” Dr Wheatley continued: “This is a clear indication of the dereliction of the fiduciary responsibilities of the SMA board and by extension the Minister of Science, Technology, Energy & Mining, Phillip Paulwell.”

Dr. Wheatley added: “I am calling on the Auditor General to conduct an immediate performance audit of the Spectrum Management Authority and I am also calling on the Portfolio Minister to explain why this situation has been allowed to go on for so long”

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