What Is Mayor Harris Hiding? - Sinclair

Release Date: 
Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - 15:00

Leader of the minority caucus and Councillor of the Montego Bay North East division, Charles Sinclair is alleging cover up, fiscal mismanagement, and nepotism with regard to the Bogue Lands by Mayor Glendon Harris.

Sinclair says "if the Mayor is confident that he and his administration have nothing to hide, open up the file relating to the Bogue Lands to public scrutiny. I am willing to debate him anywhere, and anytime on the matter."

"These are but some of the issues that need to be discussed so that the public can make a proper assessment when we see the Mayor's push to waive the Council's right to collect 6 years back rent and to dispose of the property at the 2009 value and not the current value. These are but some of the reasons why I arrive at the opinion that the Mayor hastily adjourned the general council meeting of January 8, 2015", Sinclair says.

Sinclair believes that this matter is so grave that has written to the Prime Minister, the Auditor General and the Contractor General for them to intervene.

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