We have Lost a Truly Phenomenal Woman - Grange Grieves for Angelou

Release Date: 
Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 01:00

Opposition Spokesperson with responsibility for Culture and Gender Affairs, Olivia 'Babsy' Grange is expressing deep sadness at the passing of celebrated civil rights activist, Dr. Maya Angelou.

"The world has lost a truly phenomenal woman in Dr. Maya Angelou. Dr. Angelou is arguably one of the most respected women when it comes to women and the civil rights movements. Throughout her poems, plays and movies, the message has always been about the freedom, rights and equality of all, especially those of the black race, and African American women in particular." said Ms. Grange.

Ms. Grange also noted that Dr. Angelou championed the cause for identity among women, and for this, women of the world need to be proud.

"The depth of meaning her work holds for women has always been remarkable. I remember at the recent G2K Women's Appreciation Awards, the ceremony started with the reading of her poem Phenomenal Woman, and members of the audience knew the words. That's just how respected her work is among Jamaican women.  In her honour, I am urging the women of our country to be proud of who they are, where they are from and the ambitions that they have set for themselves. True identity lies within us, and we need to let that shine."

Ms. Grange also used the opportunity to call on more women to offer themselves for leadership, not just in politics but at the community level.

She noted in closing, "I am encouraging women to step up to the plate of leadership. Some of us might offer ourselves for political leadership, but leadership also occurs at the community and grassroots levels. Get more involved in the youth clubs, the church groups, the community clubs and service organizations and offer yourselves as leaders in this space. Our communities and the country can easily be proud of this kind of service’. I encourage all who do so to serve with pride, courage, humility and compassion. The more we do this, will ensure that the struggle for women's rights as exemplified taught and voiced by Dr. Angelou would not have been in vain."

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