Water Rescue Plan Needed Urgently In North Central Clarendon - Charles

Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - 15:15

Member of Parliament for North Central Clarendon, Mr. Pearnel Charles, is raising grave concerns about the critical water shortage throughout large sections of the constituency, exposing residents to panic, fear and ill health.

Mr. Charles said, “From Darlo to Bellas Gate, people have no water. From reports I have received, all springs, rivers and surface water have dried up. As a result, the people are panicking in what is turning out to be a life-threatening situation”. He went on, “I am appealing to the Ministry of Water, the National Water Commission and the Parish Council to take immediate and urgent steps to truck water into the affected areas.”

The Member of Parliament further noted that of particular concern, is the fact that settled water in river beds deemed to be contaminated, is being used by a number of people which is further threatening their health. He also noted, “Not only are people panicking, but disease is threatening, children are unable to go to school and people are unable to go to work because there is no water”.

He added, “Based on reports, the NWC is reluctant to truck water to people who live in areas they do not service; and to make matters worse, there are only three working trucks for the parish”. In concluding, Mr. Charles asserted, “I am calling on the government to immediately take steps to provide water to the affected areas and prevent exposure of the people to further suffering and panic”.

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