USA Resumption of Relations with Cuba is Epochal - Bartlett

Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 15:30

Opposition Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Ed Bartlett, has responded to President Obama’s statement today on the resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba by saying ‘It is an epochal moment in Caribbean political history and diplomatic relations.’

Mr Bartlett said “We are truly delighted as on both sides of the governmental aisle we have been united on the principle of the removal of the embargo which has been seen as unfair and unjust. We also take particular note of Obama’s  description of the shift, as the 'most significant change in our policy in more than fifty years'."

Mr Bartlett observed "Jamaica has been at the centre of this matter within the Caribbean and we note that this has significant implications as it signals the normalisation of diplomatic relations within the region as well as the normalization of relations between two of our very important friends and neighbours."

In closing he stated "Given that the USA is our largest trade partner and Cuba is our closest neighbouring state, there will clearly be new opportunities for discussions on trade and also deeper economic collaboration between Jamaica Cuba and the USA.  We look forward for discussions on this co-operation particularly in the areas of Tourism and the development of our logistics hub capabilities, and we encourage continued steps towards the full removal of the trade embargo which will certainly unlock the gates to free trade among the Americas."

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