Suspend Increase in Trade License Until Public is Notified - McKenzie

Release Date: 
Friday, May 22, 2015 - 15:15

Opposition Spokesman on Local Government, Mr. Desmond McKenzie is today calling on the government to suspend the increase in Trade License fees until the public is properly notified.

In a statement today, Mr. McKenzie noted that, from research carried out so far, the public is not aware that there was an increase in the fees for trade license; neither would they be aware of when the increase would have taken effect. He said, “People simply do not know what is going on until they turn up to make payments”. He added, “And because the rates vary depending on one’s earnings, in some cases the increases have moved from $5,000 up to $15,000, and the unsuspecting trader is not even allowed to pay the $5,000 that s/he would have normally paid”.

The Spokesman also noted that though the fees are paid to the tax office, the Parish Council should be the main beneficiary; yet, he noted, “I have made checks with at least two parish councils and the Secretary Managers revealed that they were also not aware of the increases”. He asserted, “This is yet another example of the People’s National Party government deceptively imposing increases and new taxes on the unsuspecting public, without even the courtesy of proper notification”.

In closing, Mr. McKenzie insisted that the Government must come clean to the people of Jamaica and explain to the public what is happening. He said, “This inconsiderate and unconscionable practice by the government must stop and neither the Opposition nor the people of Jamaica will tolerate this untidy, cunning and unacceptable practice”.

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