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Friday, June 6, 2014 - 16:15

The Caucus of JLP Councilors in the KSAC is livid after it was revealed that divisions controlled by the Peoples National Party have received over 85 percent of the funds allotted for flood mitigation.

Leader of the JLP Councilor Caucus and Councilor for the Waterloo Division Mr. Winston Ennis says he is very concerned at what could be seen as political victimization: "It is unacceptable that the Council would decide to give 23 PNP controlled divisions almost 18 million dollars for drain cleaning while only 6 of the 15 JLP represented divisions got 3.2 million dollars in total.  But it is even worse when you realize that many of the drains that have not received funds are in flood prone areas.  A lot of drains are in need of cleaning and this has to be done before the Hurricane season gets more intense”.

. Ennis added that it is not only PNP areas which are at risk and the KSAC led by the PNP must recognize that the safety and security of Jamaicans should not be subjected to politics. “It is the lives and property of all residents of Kingston and St. Andrew that is in peril not just PNP supporters. These drains need to be cleaned.

He added that under the JLP leadership of the KSAC the policy was to clean drains and gullies in all divisions not just the JLP ones. This he said led to less flooding and less loss of lives and property.

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