Smith Welcomes Police Breakthrough in Monymusk Quadruple Killing

Release Date: 
Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - 18:30

Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Derrick Smith, is welcoming Tuesday's breakthrough by the police in their investigation of the gruesome quadruple killing in Monymusk, Clarendon recently.

Mr. Smith said: "There has been every indication that the police have been zealous and resolute in pursuing the perpetrator or perpetrators of the gruesome killings in Monymusk. The Opposition is therefore pleased with the recently reported breakthrough which has seen two persons taken into custody, and hopes that a successful prosecution will result."

He continued: "When we learned of the murders, the Opposition stated that they must be treated as a crime of example and perpetrators brought to justice quickly. We are sure all well-thinking Jamaicans are pleased that the efforts of the police so far are bearing this out, as no stone is being left unturned in the pursuit of those responsible for the heinous killing of four young Jamaicans."

The Opposition Spokesman said in closing, that it is important for the police, in partnership with the citizenry, to demonstrate to wrong-doers that they will be apprehended and brought to justice when they run a foul of the law. This, he said, is a fundamental pillar of a functioning Justice system.

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