Smith Condems Quadruple Murder in St. Elizabeth and Killing of Bustamante High Teacher

Release Date: 
Friday, May 29, 2015 - 14:30

Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Mr. Derrick Smith, is condemning Wednesday night's quadruple murder in Claremont, St. Elizabeth, and the killing of a teacher of the Bustamante High School in Clarendon.

The Opposition Spokesman said: "Unspeakable horror and criminality gripped our country Wednesday night with the quadruple killings in St. Elizabeth and the murder of the teacher in Clarendon. What we are witnessing in our society today are murders that are increasingly alarming. We have hit an all-time low in terms of the depravity and savagery of the criminals elements in our midst."

He continued: "The Opposition is calling on the Government to better equip the police so that they will be in a position to better respond to incidents like that which transpired in St. Elizabeth, especially in terms of mobility. The police must be able to move with dispatch in taking the fight to criminals as they are seeking to make their barbarity and incidents of multiple murders the new norm.

"What is particularly disturbing about the quadruple murder in St. Elizabeth is that the perpetrators seem to have been deliberate and targeted in their onslaught, as they pounced on the community during a power cut when the community and the victims were particularly vulnerable", the Opposition Spokesman added.

Mr. Smith said: "In the same way that we must never countenance the kind of savagery being meted out to our women and children in recent times, we must never get to the point where we accept incidents of multiple murders as a new norm. As we extend sympathies to the families of the teacher in Clarendon and the four (4) men in St. Elizabeth, we must resolve as law abiding citizens, to take the fight to the criminals in our midst and combat the terror being unleashed by them on the innocent."

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