Samuda Demands Answers fron the NWC

Release Date: 
Monday, June 23, 2014 - 14:00

Opposition Spokesman and Member of Parliament for North Central St. Andrew, Mr. Karl Samuda, is today demanding answers from the National Water Commission (NWC) which he says is far advanced in its plans to remove some 7000 cubic metres or an estimated 400 truck loads of sand in the first phase, from the Hermitage Dam.

Mr. Samuda says he is extremely alarmed at the manner in which the NWC is proceeding with its plans, as it has so far met with members of the community without reference to or contact with him as Member of Parliament for the constituency in which the development is set to take place.

Samuda said: "The roads to be used in transporting this significant volume of aggregate were only recently resurfaced, and that resurfacing came at extremely great cost to the taxpayers of this country.  The transportation of that many truck loads of sand will undoubtedly have an adverse impact on the roads in question, and it is this likely scenario that gives rise to the concerns of residents, who, for decades, have suffered the effects of deplorable road conditions."

"As the Member of Parliament, I would like to know what plans the NWC has put in place to repair any damage to road infrastructure in the constituency that may result from the exercise on which it is seeking to embark.  In addition to that, I would like to know what arrangements the NWC is making, or has made, to establish a transparent and credible method of selecting haulage contractors to execute the project."

Mr. Samuda said that he has spared no effort in seeking to improve the roadways in his constituency, and that he was therefore alarmed at the manner in which the NWC was proceeding, including without contacting him as Member of Parliament.  He said he looked forward to urgently receiving information on the project from the NWC so that he could in turn better inform and protect the interests of his constituents.

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