Purported Motion to Silence Councillor has no Basis and Solid Proof of Tribal Nature of Mayor and Deputy - Sinclair

Release Date: 
Monday, February 16, 2015 - 18:30

Councillor for the Montego Bay North East division and leader of the minority caucus in the Saint James Parish Council, Charles Sinclair considers the purported action by some PNP councillors in the Council to attempt to restrict his participation in meetings unlawful to such an extent that he said 'it borders on comic relief.'

"There is nothing in the laws and bye laws that remotely gives the Chairman nor any Councillor the right to prevent a duly elected relief and sitting member of the Council the right to attend and participate in meetings. It is my reasoned opinion that the purported motion moved by Deputy Mayor, Michael Troupe and seconded by Councillor Martin Kellier  and endorsed by the Mayor was done out of a tribal effort to muzzle me as I have disclosed many of the missteps and mal-administration of the present administration that has not been in the best interest of the people of Saint James or the integrity and viability of the Saint James Parish Council, the latest being the "Bogue Land Saga."

On Wednesday January 11, 2015, the day prior to the General Council meeting at which the purported motion was moved, the Council's Finance Committee was informed of the contents of a letter of major inquiries being made by the Contractor General into the decision by this administration to dispose of the Council's lands at Bogue at a 2009 valuation and to waive the potential revenue of $28 million.

Sinclair says,"The genesis of this investigation arose after I, on behalf of the minority caucus, wrote to the Contractor General, Auditor General and Prime Minister to look into a decision taken by the Mayor and other PNP councillors to do certain acts in relation to the Bogue Lands which were devoid of logic, not in keeping with good fiscal management, in breach of laws and policy relating to disposition of government property and protection of revenue which the Council is desperately in need to carry out it's service delivery to the citizens of this parish."

Sinclair has written to the Secretary Manager requesting him to provide the necessary guidance to the Chairman, and has committed to be present at subsequent meetings of Council and make his contribution as required in the interest of the citizens of his division and the wider Saint James and protecting the integrity of the Council.

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