PNP Mobay Mayor Chooses to Fund Luncheon Over Water Delivery- Sinclair

Release Date: 
Friday, July 11, 2014 - 16:00

JLP Minority Leader in the Montego Bay Parish Council and Councillor for the Flankers Division Charles Sinclair today condemned the wrong priorities demonstrated by the decisions of the Mayor in the PNP-led Council to spend money on renovations and a luncheon rather than the provision of water to needy communities.

Mr. Sinclair said he was shocked that: “PNP councillors, led by the Mayor, voted against a motion for $500,000 to truck water to residents in Salt Spring and Flower Hill St James, who have not had water in their pipes for 3 months. At the same time, the same councillors voted for $400,000.00 to refurbish a Councillors' lobby which is rarely used, and $300,000.00 for a luncheon to be hosted by the Mayor.”

He continued: “What this shows is that the PNP Councillors who were elected by the people are not working in their interest.  The people who pay taxes, even when in real and dire need, are not being helped by the Councillors. It is unacceptable that the Council refuses to assist them getting water in the middle of a drought”.

The Councillor said he was saddened that the country could reach the point where a Parish Council could choose to spend money on wasteful renovations and a luncheon rather than on providing water, “I am calling on the Minister of Water and the Minister Local Government to intervene urgently as the people of Salt Spring and Flower Hill pay taxes and they need water. All we needed to do was pay for the truck,  and the Council decided that wasn't a priority”.

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