Paulwell and Robinson Failing ICT Sector - Wheatley

Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 16:15

Opposition Spokesperson for Science, ICT, Digital Economy Development and the Environment Dr. Andrew Wheatley, has given the Ministers of Science & Technology, a failing grade for their stewardship of the ICT portfolio over the last 2 years. Dr. Wheatley, in his sectoral contribution to parliament, levelled stinging criticisms against Ministers Phillip Paulwell and Julian Robinson for their failure to deliver on critical areas of ICT development.

He blamed Jamaica’s twelve (12) place decline in the recent World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report, on the failure of Ministers Paulwell and Robinson to meet key targets outlined in their ICT roadmap. He said “Both have failed to table critical ICT and Data Protection Legislation, both have failed to implement a cohesive ICT strategy for the country, both have failed to accelerate the creation of the Single ICT Regulator and both have failed to finalize the implementation of the much touted number portability regime”.

The Opposition spokesman blasted the Ministers for not taking the issue of ICT as an enabler for economic growth seriously and chided both Ministers for making announcements with very little action to back up these announcements.

Dr. Wheatley emphasized that greater Public-Private Partnerships are needed if Jamaica is to realize the full benefits and opportunities of a truly vibrant ICT industry, and noted that Jamaica, as a country, can do better but needs competent management of the ICT sector. He said the Ministers must stop announcing and get the job done.

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