No Mischief Will Derail the Democratic Process in St.Catherine, West Central – Chang

Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 13:45

General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party, Dr. Horace Chang, said no mischief will derail the democratic process in West Central St Catherine.

Dr. Chang noted that the process in West Central St Catherine is being executed within the rules and constitution of the Party: "There can be no valid question of the democratic process and all candidates have an obligation to adhere to this process which was agreed by them. The list being used for the election was registered by the Constituency Chairman, Dr. Kenneth Baugh and cannot be changed by the JLP Secretariat. Mr. Wheatley, who was never involved in the electoral process, has also taken a leave of absence from all party functions".

Dr. Chang further added: "There are systems within the party to deal with any issues that may arise and those who might have concerns have easy access to me and the JLP organs.  The party is not in the mood for any disruptions and we are not going to tolerate it. We are not at a place where we will be tolerating the discussion of internal party matters in the public and those who do so, are not interested in building a strong JLP but destroying the gains we have been making".

Dr. Chang also made it clear that only the General Secretary has authority to pronounce on any internal election and that any statement or revelation made outside of that office is invalid and not credible.

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