McKenzie Requests Clarity on Announced $140M Jeep Spend from Azan

Release Date: 
Monday, February 16, 2015 - 18:45

Opposition Spokesperson on Local Government Desmond McKenzie, has questioned the notification of a spend of $140M to be provided thought the governments  JEEP programme for road rehabilitation work ostensibly targeted for  councilors as announced by Minister Richard Azan over this weekend.

The Local Government spokesman noted that while it must clearly be a welcomed decision to address the urgent need for community roadwork repairs he went on to observe that with some 228 divisions across the country he queried what can reasonably be achieved through the disbursement of these funds?

He went on to note: “This announcement has raised a lot of questions, we must ask, Is this for all 13 parish councils including Portmore?”

The former KSAC Mayor insisted, “This figure could not even serve the 40 divisions within the KSAC,  therefore this announcement possibly indicates political patriotism! I therefore ask, Minister Azan to immediately clarify the use of these funds.”

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