Mayor Harris Continues To Breach Trust Of Saint James Citizens - Sinclair

Release Date: 
Friday, December 19, 2014 - 15:15

The minority leader in the Saint James Parish Council and former Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Charles Sinclair is taking the Mayor Glendon Harris to task for breaching the trust of the citizens of Saint James for taking a decision to waive $28 million of rental revenue from the Bogue land and to sell said lands at a 2009 value and not current market value, in spite of advice from the Secretary Manager, and Director of Administration. He noted that the latter conveyed the advice of the Council's Attorney that to do so would not be in the best interest of the Council or the citizens of the Parish of Saint James.

Councillor Sinclair stated that "the position taken by the Mayor Harris flies in the face of good fiscal management and a position which is supported by sound legal principle." He went further to state that "it is clear to me that the Mayor's position is motivated by political expediency and one of  doing favors for persons politically aligned to the PNP including a former and current Councillor, and will starve the Council of much needed revenue which would prove invaluable in satisfying financial commitments of the Council to service providers, tax authorities and staff. As it is, the electricity bill outstanding for the Council's office and for which there is a disconnection order exceeds $2.5 million. Over $11 million is owed to NIS and NHT for employee's contribution and staff members and councillors have experienced two to three months delays in non-payment of traveling. How in those circumstances can the Mayor be taking the position he has?" Sinclair asked.

The minority leader further raised the query as to how Mayor Harris took a hard line position in demanding $5,000.00 from a vendor for fees he claimed was owing for space rented at a Jamaica Agricultural Society event earlier this year to the extent of using expletives to the female vendor (as witnessed in the YOUTUBE video posted under the title "continued abuse of women by PNP officials), but is seeking to waive much needed revenue for the cash starved Council, from persons who are operating million dollar business activity on the Council's property.

Mr. Sinclair in closing advised: "This situation is so grave it is worthy of immediate attention and investigation from the Prime Minister and her Cabinet and I have written to her on the issue and copied other relevant offices including the Auditor General, and the Contractor General."

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