Johnson Smith Urges GSAT Parents to Remain Supportive of Children When Results are Announced

Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 16, 2015 - 13:30

Opposition Spokesperson on Education and Youth, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith is today urging parents to remain calm and supportive of their children as GSAT results are received.

Senator Johnson ​Smith ​said: “This time of year can sometimes be as full of pressure for our children as the days before the exam​,​ and there have been tragedies where the pressure has been too great to bear.  It is therefore really important that parents remember that their main job is to love and support – even if ​they​ can’t provide materially​;​ love and support are free so it’s important to give as much of it as possible, especially at these times.”

She also called on the Minister of Education​ to ensure that sufficient personnel and working phone lines are on hand to address parents’ concerns and questions on placements and transfers, in light of his statements made in the last stages of the exam cycle.  She repeated her disappointment with the unnecessary distress caused by them.

In anticipation of the results, the Senator said she wanted to congratulate the students who worked hard in preparing for the exams, and their teachers parents and caregivers who supported them in their efforts.  She said​,​ "I congratulate the boys and girls who got their preferred choices on a job well done, and to those who did not, I want to remind them as well as their parents and teachers that success in life doesn't only come from a first effort.  GSAT is only one step along the road of life, so those who don't get their preferred choices can still go on to great success with discipline and hard work supported by great teachers and at home."

The Senator said in closing that she was hopeful that there would be improved results and encouraged the Ministry and schools to ensure that more use is made of the data derived from the results to benefit students as they enter Grade 7, as well as to guide teaching preparation for the examination itself.

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