JLP Stands with Civil Servants Against A Wicked Government

Release Date: 
Thursday, June 4, 2015 - 14:15

General Secretary of the Jamaica Labour Party, Dr. Horace Chang, says the government's treatment of Civil Servants is a breach of trust and will stand with them again this wicked government.

His comments come after analysis of the government's approach to recent public sector wage negotiations: "This approach where workers who are genuinely disgruntled are being threatened and labeled as unpatriotic and disloyal is unacceptable. Jamaica is not a dictatorship".

According to Dr. Chang, the PNP under the current leadership does not understand how to treat Jamaicans and only knows how to talk about caring for them: " Since 2012 we have seen them purchase all the creature comforts; they have a bloated cabinet, ministers spending over 1 million on phone calls, they bought over 60 million dollars in new cars and hired more consultants than any other government in the nation's history. The will make no sacrifice but yet ask Jamaicans to make all the sacrifices".

The JLP General Secretary said that Jamaicans no longer see the government as credible: "The PNP is responsible for the state that Jamaica is in today. They are the ones who devalued the dollar and increased the cost of living. Jamaicans are fast realizing who the problem in Jamaica is today. They can pay the workers if they cut waste and corruption. They need to send home some of their overpaid activist consultants and bring efficient management to the government sector".

Dr. Chang concluded that the Jamaica Labour Party stands with all civil servants who are fighting for better working conditions in the tradition of Sir Alexander Bustamante. He noted that the PNP of today is not about the people but themselves, and the JLP is ready to defend the rights of Jamaicans moving them from Poverty to Prosperity.

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