The JLP Pledge

I am a Labourite,

  • I believe in the Jamaica Labour Party which was founded by Sir Alexander Bustamante to bring social, cultural and economic development to benefit all Jamaicans.
  • I support my Party’s aims and objectives.
  • To foster the principles of true democracy.
  • To provide equal opportunities for all the people of Jamaica.
  • To develop the economic resources of Jamaica and to encourage Individual ownership and initiative, subject to Government regulation, where Necessary, for the common good.
  • To promote and protect the economic and social well-being of all, and to foster cooperation among the people regardless of colour, race or creed.
  • To instill in the hearts of the people reverence for God, and respect for lawful constituted authority.
  • To ensure and protect the constitutional fundamental human rights of each individual.
  • I pledge my support, my talents, my energies to work earnestly and creatively to help my Party to achieve these objectives.

Contact Us

Jamaica Labour Party Headquarters

20 Belmont Road
Kingston 5, Jamaica
Tel: (876)-929-1183