"Hylton Playing for Time, Must be Relieved of Ministerial Duties". - Samuda

Release Date: 
Saturday, May 23, 2015 - 15:00

Opposition Spokesman on Industry, Investment & Commerce, Mr. Karl Samuda, is dismissing as a desperate attempt to play for time, portfolio minister, Anthony Hylton's announcement on Thursday, that a committee will report to Cabinet and make recommendations regarding the "Krauck Systems/Anchor Finance MOU" now that it has expired.

The Opposition Spokesman said : "All Minister Hylton has done now that the 30-day MOU has expired, is retreat to a committee and seek to hide behind the reputation of the person appointed as Chairman. Minister Hylton is hoping that Professor Gordon Shirley's credibility will be enough to protect him from criticism and condemnation for his absolute incompetence. The Opposition demands that the Prime Minister takes action to relieve Jamaica of the recklessness and Ministerial bungling to which Minister Hylton has subjected us, by relieving him of his duties as Investment and Commerce Minister."

Mr. Samuda said: "The Minister has ignored the opinions of the reputable credit reporting entity Dunn & Bradstreet, which classified Anchor Finance as an organization that is likely to be severely financially stressed and therefore not in a favourable position to successfully undertake a US$5 Billion project. Are we now to forget this independent and strongly regarded assessment?"

The Opposition Spokesman remarked: "What is equally disconcerting is that the country has not heard from the Ministers of Transport and Works or Finance who were joining the Investment Minister in investigating and subsequently reporting on the credibility and viability of the companies in question."

He continued: "In light of all that has transpired, in the absence of something new, complete and compelling, the country has no option but to conclude that the entire situation is a hoax."

Mr. Samuda is maintaining that the Krauck/Anchor controversy has come about as a result of the Minister's recklessness and irresponsibility. He argued: "No potential foreign investor will have confidence in the utterances of a Minister who has failed so far to fulfill the internationally recognized and accepted process by which prospective investors are identified, vetted and engaged, particularly where a project on a US$5 Billion scale is concerned. The country, nor the Prime Minister, should find this an acceptable situation, given the current importance of growth and investment".

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