Holness Decries Act of Horror at Tacky High

Release Date: 
Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - 12:00

Opposition Leader and former education minister, Andrew Holness, is today decrying the actions of criminals who brought destruction and horror to Tacky High School and the Gayle community in St. Mary yesterday.

Mr. Holness said the reprehensible action of the perpetrators, especially during a week that is being observed as education week, warrant widespread condemnation.  He says and no effort should be spared by the police in apprehending those responsible for the horrendous act and bring them to justice.

The Opposition Leader said: “By setting fire to the school, assaulting security personnel and damaging property which amount to millions in losses, lawless elements have meted out another brazen act of criminality to our nation’s children, and in this case, the education sector as a whole.  Especially during child’s month, it is time we move as law-abiding Jamaicans, from merely speaking about care for our children but tangibly demonstrate that care and affirm them as our future and the ones will emerge as the leaders of tomorrow.”

“What transpired at Tacky High on Monday is a horrifying act which will cause the already cash-strapped education sector millions as a result of the extensive damage to the school’s infrastructure and other resources.  Our hearts must go out to those children who are displaced or otherwise inconvenienced at this time as a result of the criminal onslaught.  Their education stands to be compromised at this time and given the importance of education to our national development objectives, Monday’s incident at Tacky High should be cause for national concern.”

Mr. Holness is calling on those who may have information that could assist the police in their investigations to come forward at this time and take a firm stance, not just against criminality in our society, but against any act that compromises the safety and well-being of our nation’s children.

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