Green Concerned About Black River Hospital

Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - 20:30

Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) caretaker for South West St Elizabeth, Floyd Green is today expressing grave concerns about the state of the Black River Hospital and is calling upon Minister of Health Fenton Ferguson and the head of the Southern Regional Health Authority Michael Stewart to urgently intervene.

Green said: “What patients and staff are being subjected to at the institution is appalling. Basic items such as gloves and disinfectant are in short supply. There seems to be a significant shortage of critical medication. Strips for the testing of glucose level are being sold to patients. The institution is in a state of crisis.”

The Caretaker chastised Minister Ferguson for what he termed as his atrocious stewardship of the Ministry as well as the head of Southern Regional Health Authority who the Caretaker accused of being asleep on the Job.  He continued: “It cannot be that the goodly Minister and those charged with the administration of the region are unaware of the plight of patients and staff at the Black River Hospital. On my last visit, I witnessed at least 6 patients confined to chairs, having been admitted but with no bed on the wards. It is a calamity of the highest proportions and I am of the firm view that patient health is being compromised.”

The JLP Caretaker went on to express his empathy for the staff at the facility, who  he said are on the front line of a crumbling health system and who are being called upon to do the impossible task of holding the institution together without adequate resources.
The Black River Hospital is a type C hospital and the  only hospital in the parish of St. Elizabeth.

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