Government Playing Three Card Trick - Montague

Release Date: 
Thursday, June 4, 2015 - 14:15

Jamaica Labour Party Shadow Minister of Mining and Energy, Senator Robert Montague, is blasting the government for increasing the price of gasoline by J0.86 per litre on the same day world oil prices were reduced by US$1.54 per barrel. He called the action a three card trick and said the Opposition was warning the government that if they continue these weekly increases they will push the people to a point of no return.

Senator Montague said:"As world prices continue to tumble, gas prices in Jamaica are rising. Something is not right! The government needs to come to the people and explain."

He said the government seems to be using the increase in gas prices like a tax. He said, "We note the steady increases, week after week, since news of its failure to achieve revenue targets in the last IMF test. Will the government make public the amount of money it gets from a litre of gas? Are they raising gas prices on Jamaican people to pass IMF tests?

He continued: "This increase at this time is a provocation to all Jamaicans but especially our hardworking public servants. How must they survive? By offering workers only 5%, yet continuing to increase prices must certainly leave our workers worse off. And apart from the public sector workers, how will the taxi driver survive? How will the farmer take his produce to market? The weight of other increases based on the cost of gas, will lead to more hardships for struggling Jamaicans. The government is again showing by its actions that it does not care for the welfare of poor or working Jamaicans as they like to say."

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