Government Lax on Securing Parliament – Tavares–Finson

Release Date: 
Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 15:15

Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, Senator Tom Tavares–Finson is urging the government to take immediate steps to improve the lax state of security at Gordon House, Jamaica’s Parliamentary building on Duke Street.

His call comes following a break–in last night that resulted in the theft of items, including a computer from the office of the President of the Senate. Senator Tavares–Finson stated, “What is unbelievable about this situation is that persons had attempted to break through the canteen a few months ago and in spite of our calls for improved security, it is apparent that nothing has been done since that time.”

Senator Tavares–Finson observed, “We are pleased to see the security officers working with the police, and we are confident that no effort will be spared to bring the perpetrators to justice; however, if the government cannot protect the highest 'court' in the land, then how can we expect them to see to the security of all Jamaicans? There is no question that this is a significant failure on the part of the government.”

He emphasized as he concluded, “The nation’s business is to be treated with utmost priority and care, including security of the buildings of government, personal property and of the person. We expect that the requisite corrective measures will be urgently taken to prevent a recurrence.”

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