Children Not Attending School because of Ministry Failure - Williams

Release Date: 
Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - 20:30

JLP Caretaker for the Constituency of East Rural St. Andrew, Senator Alexander Williams, is today expressing outrage at school attendance problems affecting children in the community of Bloxburgh. He is calling on the Ministry of Education to immediately remedy the problem which he says is of the Ministry's making.  

Senator Williams said: “The Ministry of Education closed the Bloxburgh Primary School and put in place an arrangement where the children who live in that community would be transported to attend other schools in Cane River and Friendship Park”.

He continued: “Sadly, the Ministry has consistently failed to pay the driver they contracted, so that he is now owed more than 3 months pay and is unable to take the children to school.  To make matters worse, the roads are so bad going to and from Bloxburgh that it has caused significant wear and tear to his vehicle which he has to find money to repair”.

Senator Williams went on to say that the community has reported to him that parents have not been able to send their children to school for almost 4 weeks now.

“This is disgraceful," said Mr. Williams, “and shows a complete lack of care for the parents and children in the community. The Ministry needs to immediately pay the driver and ensure that payments are kept current, so that no more children will miss school.”

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