Bartlett Calls for Greater Integration in Northern Caribbean

Release Date: 
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 - 15:15

Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade, Mr. Edmund Bartlett, is reiterating the call made during his contribution to the recently concluded Sectoral Debate in Parliament for increased collaboration and integration amongst countries in the Northern Caribbean.

Speaking at a Conference on matters of Regional Integration in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Wednesday, Mr. Bartlett says the imminent opening up of Cuba will redefine the Northern Caribbean as a geo-political and geo-economic space, and will create tremendous opportunities for economic convergence and meaningful integration.

In contributing to a panel on “Multi-Destination Opportunities for Regional Integration”, Mr. Bartlett identified multi-destination marketing as a model that should be used by countries in the Northern Caribbean to boost tourism arrivals in the respective destinations across the region and place emphasis on strong collaboration rather than strong competition. Mr. Bartlett said: “For the Northern Caribbean, multiple-destination marketing is a viable strategy that will take advantage of the diversity of the tourism product of the region as a whole and the potentially large numbers of visitors that will come from the emerging markets over the medium to long-term”.

The Opposition Spokesman said: “Multi-Destination Marketing (MDM) is an approach to tourism development that employs the strategy of marketing and promoting destinations in two or more countries so that a visitor experiences those offerings in a single trip. To the extent that countries in the region engage each other, through diplomatic channels or otherwise, in offering a joint tourism product or cruise shipping route, significant opportunities will emerge for greater integration and deepened collaboration in such areas as tourism product development, infrastructure improvement, and travel facilitation which includes the harmonization of visa protocols.”

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