"We Will Not Be Distracted” - Holness

February 10, 2016

Opposition Leader Andrew Holness says he is yet  to receive any letter from the Prime Minister's attorneys.
Mr. Holness said he has however seen the media reports, and it appears that the Prime Minister is trying to turn his fair comment into a legal matter.

The Opposition Leader said his lawyers will, therefore, respond to her attorney’s letters when they are received, and that he will vigorously defend any claim made.

Mr. Holness said the Party has heard from good sources that the Prime Minister is trying to create a reason to say she will not participate in the National Leadership debate. He said “We will not be distracted. The people of Jamaica want to hear from those seeking to lead the country.They want to hear from us on our plans and other issues of national importance. They want to make a comparison.”

The Opposition Leader said the Jamaica Labour Party team has listened to the call of the people and stand ready to debate the PNP.