Urgent Action Needed to Deal with Garbage Issues - McKenzie

Opposition Spokesman on Local Government, Mr. Desmond Mckenzie, is again raising concerns about the garbage collection and management policies of the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).

Mr. Mckenzie stated that his concerns strengthen as the number of Chuickungunya cases increase along with reports of clogged gullies and stifling beaches.  He said the continued failure of the NWSMA to collect garbage in a timely manner and its recent admission that it took a decision to stop placing receptacles in public spaces are an indictment in the management of the public agency.

He said: “While I understand the challenges facing the NSWMA in terms of the abuse of receptacles, it is their responsibility to ensure garbage is properly collected in Jamaica, a responsibility they are not fulfilling.  The NSWMA should lead the way in ensuring that our gullies and drains are not clogged with garbage but they are contributing to the problem by not putting receptacles in public spaces”.

Mr. McKenzie asked, “If the NSWMA does not place bins in public places who will? This is a dereliction of duty. What the NSWMA needs to do is to launch a national education campaign on garbage disposal and care together with Bin distribution. It would also be good for the government to encourage recycling, by putting in the policies to create a recycling culture in Jamaica.

According to Mr. McKenzie, “If we do not urgently deal with the garbage issue, our health risks will increase and our environmental situation will get worse. Currently the beaches are being stifled with plastics and Styrofoam, our gullies are clogged with debris, and our communities are at risk of infestation. We need action now.”