Too Little Too Late – Chang

JLP General Secretary Dr. Horace Chang has described the Prime Minister's decision to finally  battle Chik-V as too little too late. He says “Jamaicans are appalled that the Prime Minister watched silently as the epidemic threatened the welfare of Jamaicans, before taking action.”

Dr. Chang asserted, “For months we have been calling on the government to be proactive and to do the right things. We called on them to clean the drains, clear garbage, carry out vector control and educate the public on Chik-V. They did not listen. They didn't take Chik-V seriously. Instead, we were ignored and accused of politicking. Now that thousands of Jamaicans are already infected, resulting in severe pain and suffering as well as damage to our economy, the Prime Minister has just decided to act after the Opposition Leader's call. This is too little - too late.”

Dr. Chang continued, “This action wasn’t due to the government's care or concern for the people, but a recognition that the people are fed up with their poor leadership”. He says, “It took the Leader of the JLP, to again directly call out the Prime Minister, for her to make a statement. The Prime Minister and her Ministers can’t seem to get things right and continue to fail the people’s test. PR Stunts wont stop the pain and suffering of the people”. 

The JLP General Secretary added, “The last JLP led government demonstrated accountability and proactive leadership, having successfully handled similar threats to the health of the Jamaican people. With Ebola now on American soil and other public health hazards looming, the people of Jamaica has no confidence that Minister Ferguson or the government is capable of managing any possible health threats”. 

He concluded, “In any forward thinking developing country in the world, the government would already have fired the Minister of Health and sought to regain public trust. Anything less, in fact, anything like the Prime Minister's belated action is too little, too late”