Time for Parliament to Create Working Framework for DPP and Other Agents of Justice - Williams

Opposition Spokesman on Justice and Justice Reform, Senator Alexander Williams, has noted, with grave concern, the discord between the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and that of the Independent Commission of Investigations, heightened by the actions of the DPP, in R v Gary Thomas (et al), the “Kentucky Kidd” murder case.

In noting that the recent complaints by INDECOM of a lack of cooperation in the DPP’s office was akin to other complaints previously made by the Office of the Contractor General and other investigative bodies, Senator Williams said :

“The time has come for intervention by Parliament in order to improve these working relationships by protocols for collaboration amongst the DPP as the chief prosecutor and all investigative agencies. Parliament should, in this process, invite all investigative agencies including INDECOM, the Office of the Contractor General, the Integrity Commission and other Investigative bodies to make submissions on how to properly and effectively collaborate.”

He explained that in the “Kentucky Kidd” case, the DPP effectively ended the prosecution of the accused policemen by seeking and obtaining a “Not Guilty” verdict, securing for the accused persons a formal acquittal, and barring any further attempt at prosecuting the case.

He also stated that this was done without consultations or notice given to INDECOM which had completed the investigations which led to the case being brought, and in the face of a ruling at a coroner’s Inquest (which the DPP had requested) that those accused persons should face trial.

Senator Williams said “It may well be that the DPP had good reason for acting as she did, but there is obviously little comity and cooperation between the Office of the DPP and INDECOM. One would expect that these institutions, charged with the responsibility of ultimately delivering justice, would work collaboratively, sharing information, concerns and solutions, especially in securing the proper and successful prosecution of cases.  Anything less, erodes confidence in the State’s ability to deliver justice”.
Mr. Williams has called on the Justice Minister to take the necessary steps to effect this parliamentary review.