Statement from the Jamaica Labour Party on the National Debates

February 12, 2016
The Jamaica Labour Party is this afternoon, though not surprised, expressing severe concern at news that the PNP is seeking to dodge the National Leadership Debates on spurious grounds. It is urging Jamaicans to demand that the PNP participate in the debates as they are critical to the political process.
The Jamaica Labour Party says that the PNP’s decision to pull out of the debate is probably not a spur of the moment action, but a carefully orchestrated strategy to ensure that the PNP does not have to face the people of Jamaica.
The Jamaica Labour Party added that the government’s weak and inadequate excuses are an indication of their arrogance and the scant regard they have for the people of Jamaica.
The JLP says that Jamaicans from all walks of life have been calling for the debates to be held as they are an important part of the modern political process, and are an opportunity for them to understand the plans and policies of persons seeking to win government.
The Party says it is clear that the PNP is afraid that the debates will expose their lack of real progress and plans to grow the economy and improve people’s lives.
The Party said that it is ready to engage the government in a robust debate and to demonstrate its readiness to govern Jamaica.