Smith Raises Concerns About Repairs To Mayor's Parlour

Edmond Campbell, Senior Gleaner Reporter

TOWN CLERK Robert Hill has refused to disclose, at this time, how much has been budgeted to renovate the mayor's parlour at the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation.

Asked why he would not reveal the amount at this time, the town clerk said he did not want the issue to be "glamourised".

He said the cost of the refurbishing would be known at the end of the month. When the project is expected to be completed.

The Gleaner asked for permission to photograph the parlour that is currently being refurbished but Hill declined the request, citing "security reasons".

However, he told The Gleaner that the parlour was in a state of disrepair and work was also being done to improve an area where the corporation receives visitors.

Yesterday, councillor of the Chancery Hall division in St Andrew Duane Smith raised alarm at the current work being done on the mayor's parlour, arguing that there are misplaced priorities at the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation.

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Contending that the mayor's parlour did not need renovation, Smith challenged Mayor Angela Brown Burke to justify the expenditure for refurbishing the facility.

"As you know ... there are bad roads, the markets are in a terrible condition. Why is it that renovating your office is a priority?" Smith asked, while speaking at a Gleaner Editors' Forum yesterday at the newspaper's North Street offices.

In a Gleaner interview yesterday, Hill explained that the renovation did not involve major work but the condition of the parlour was unsatisfactory to receive visitors.

He said the extent of the work was within the threshold approved for renovation.